Nigerian Rice

Health Benefits

  • 1

    Contains a rich amount of carbonhydrates that translates to energy for your daily needs

  • 2

    Contains important amino acids that stimultaes growth.

  • 3

    Helps in the development of muscles and is good for vegans and vegetarians seeking to develop their physique.

  • 4

    Due to the high fiber content, it helps in the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal distress and for people suffering from diarrhea, colitis and morning sickness.

  • 5

    has mild diuretic properties and serves as a digestive aid and natural anti-inflammatory agent.

  • 6

    The manganese content helps boost the immune system. The thiamine content is important for cognitive processes. The low sodium content makes Pure Nigerian rice a good choice for those with high blood pressure and kidney problems.

Tovia Nigeria:

Nigerian Rice

The unpolished home grown Nigerian rice is grown in the eastern and mid western parts of the countryIt is rich in carbonhydrate and has numerous health benefits

About Our Products

  • No chemical processing or preservatives
  • 100% hygienic and healthy
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • 100% grown and produced in Nigeria
  • Unpolished and Stone free
  • All natural nutrients intact
  • Fresh from the farm
  • Healthiest rice products in the market

nutrition per 100G

  • Dietry Fibre 1.3 gr 5%
  • Carbonhydrate 32 gr 15%
  • Protein 7 gr 14%
  • Iron kcal 8%
  • Vitamin B-6 kcal 5%
  • Magnesium kcal 2%

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Nigerian Rice

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