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Tovia Nigeria is your all in one stop for quality natural agricultural products. From Flour to grains, we have all you need for healthy living. Our products are natural and is not processed using chemicals and we ensure a 100% nutritional value. Explore a few of the possibilities and be enlightened at best.
The Tovia Nigerian rice is grown in Nigeria and comes in varieties of Ofada Rice, Red Rice and the Local Nigerian Rice (Unpolished Long grain).

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Some Products & Possibilities

Tovia Nigeria Rice

The unpolished home grown Nigerian rice is grown in the eastern...

Tovia Red Rice Flour

The Red Rice flour as the name implies is made from finely grounded red rice...

Tovia Brown Rice Flour

The brown rice flour is a blend of unique and rich rice fillings, prepared with...

Tovia Red Rice

Tovia red rice includes a nutty flavor, along with a higher nutritional...

Ofada Rice

The Ofada Rice, popularly known as brown rice is a local unpolished rice which...

To Live Healthy is to eat healthy.

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